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So far 2017 is off to an awesome start, with the upcoming Arctic Extreme Expedition, our impossible2Possible Canada 150 Youth Expedition, and so much more to come! Please keep up to date by following along and joining me in any of our social media!

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ArcticExtreme.ca Now Live!

The year 2017 marks Canada's 150th birthday!!! Starting February 1st 2017, Ray Zahab (CAN) and Stefano Gregoretti (ITA) will embark on an ambitious expedition to three separate regions of the Canadian North. The goal will be to traverse each of these three diverse regions under human power, each requiring a different set of skills and training! The journey will take them close to 1,000km across the frozen north, where temps can drop below -60°C, and the risk of severe weather is always a hurdle. Endurance, logistics and unpredictable weather will make this one of the most challenging expeditions either adventurer has attempted to date.

For the first leg, the team will head to Canada’s newest National Park. Located in northern Labrador and Quebec, the Torngat Mountains are an unforgiving and remote Northern destination. The team will traverse this Arctic range on foot- running and speed trekking, hauling all supplies needed to survive. High winds, extreme temps and blinding snow could be factors in the success of this first stage... and then there is the polar bears!!!

The team will then head to Nunavut and traverse Baffin Island on skis, crossing the Penny Ice Cap! Once again, completely unsupported and self contained and hauling everything from tent to food to satellite communication gear—the team will be truly on their own! It will be Arctic winter, and therefore short days, long nights and extremely cold.

Ray and Stefano will save the most difficult leg of the journey for last. The will head the the Northwest Territories, and use customized fat bikes with studded tires to traverse hundreds of kilometres of the Arctic Ice Road, riding to the Arctic Ocean. Slick ice and once again temps reaching into the -60°C range are quite possible!

» Visit: ArcticExtreme.ca

Friday January 27 2017 :: posted by Ray Zahab

Arctic2Atacama.com Relive the Journey!

In February 2016, Ray Zahab (CAN), Jen Segger (CAN) and Stefano Gregoretti (Italy) set out on a unique and challenging expedition that spanned 100 degrees celsius on the thermometer. The team journeyed from -50°C (-58F) to +50°C (120F) over 1,500km, on mountain bikes and foot, crossing both Baffin Island in Canadian winter, and the Atacama Desert in Chilean summer.

» Visit: Arctic2Atacama.com

Wednesday March 30 2014 :: posted by Ray Zahab

PatagoniaCrossing2015.com Relive the Journey!

In January 2015, myself, Ryan Grant and Stefano Gregoretti ran over 1,000kms/620 miles across the Patagonian Desert- one of the most remote and extreme deserts on Earth. The Patagonian Desert is the largest of the 40° parallel and is a large cold winter desert, where the temperature rarely exceeds 12 °C and averages just 3 °C. The team traversed the desert in South American summer - with temperatures exceeding 40 °C.

The area is sparsely populated today and those that do live here survive mainly by raising livestock. Not the easiest place to live...or to run across! The team ran a combination of terrain, including long sections with minimal or no support.

» Visit: PatagoniaCrossing2015.com

Thursday January 1 2014 :: posted by Ray Zahab

i2Pbaffin.com Relive the Journey!

March 6th to March 16th 2014, myself (my 4th crossing!) along with friends Ferg Hawke, Stefano Gregoretti and Ryan Grant spent ten days in Canada’s Arctic on an unsupported crossing of the Akshayuk Pass (the run was 48 hours, the other 8 days involved filming & learning in Arctic communities) and visited with old and new friends!

» Visit: i2Pbaffin.com

Friday October 30 2014 :: posted by Ray Zahab

i2PLostCoast.com Relive the Journey!

For the 10th stage of the impossible2Possible World Expedition Series a Youth Ambassador team ventured to a remote and unforgiving region of the planet that is known for its majestic beauty. The Lost Coast is the most undeveloped region of the California coast. The combination of beauty and rugged terrain was an incredible setting for the i2P youth ambassador team to push their mental and physical limits. This unsupported journey tested their perseverance, resiliency, and dedication while they Educated, Inspired, and Empowered thousands of students around the world!

» Visit: i2PLostCoast.com

Friday October 30 2014 :: posted by Ray Zahab

i2Patacama.com Relive the Journey!

The i2P youth team will re-trace part of Ray’s expedition and run an average of a marathon per day for six consecutive days! The challenge will test their perseverance, resiliency, and dedication while they Educate, Inspire, and Empower thousands of students around the world!

The theme of the Spring 2014 i2P youth expedition to Chile’s Atacama Desert is the “Origins of the Universe”. During the expedition i2P will consider how was the universe formed, what the basic building blocks of life are, and if there is life on other planets.

» Visit: i2Patacama.com

Saturday May 10 2014 :: posted by Ray Zahab

Expedition Gobi Desert 2013 Relive the Journey!

Beginning June 23, Ray ran 2,000+km across Mongolia and the Gobi Desert!!!

Mongolia is the least densely populated country on earth, and is also the world's second-largest landlocked country. The expedition had a goal of filming and photographing the expedition for an upcoming archive available to students, to experience, share and learn about the culture of the nomadic people- the environment and all of the beauty and the challenges of the Gobi Desert. The expedition was shared live via website, live tracking and live videoconferencing.

» Visit: gobi2013.com

Sunday June 17 2013 :: posted by Ray Zahab

Gobi Desert 2013 Relive the Journey!

If all goes as planned, in June 2013, Ray Zahab and Running the Sahara team mate Kevin Lin will attempt to run across the Gobi Desert at its widest point in summer, approximately 2,300km. Ray's close buddy Ferg Hawke was supposed to partner with Ray for the run, but nagging injuries are preventing him from running...but in spirit he will be doing every step! The runners will have to run with very limited support, as few as one or two drops or re-supply per day! Along the way Kev and Ray will visit and learn from the Mongolian people about desertification, and life in the harsh desert environment. Live broadcasting to youth groups and constant communication with live website will be rounded out with a collection of videos and photos that will be made available for free download to schools worldwide leading up to the i2P Youth Expedition this fall- TBA soon!

How do you prepare for running in the region of 70km per day while shlepping your daily supplies on your back across one of the world's most difficult environments? By training in the Arctic, of course!

In 2007, Ray ran the three coastal trails of Canada in sequence, one right after the other. The total time was 8 days from start to the last step on the West Coast Trail. In that time period he also ran across the East Coast Trail and Baffin Island on the Akshayuk Pass- an extremely difficult 100km Arctic stretch that usually takes 8-10 days to trek. Ray ran the Pass in 27 hours- and absolutely loved every minute of this spectacular Canadian wilderness! Ferg and Ray returned to Baffin summer 2012 to train and cross the pass together! Canada's Arctic is a beautiful place- but also rugged and demanding. It was gruelling, but totally awesome!

AND don't forget to check out the recently completed i2P Youth Expedition to Utah! i2putah.com!

Tuesday June 11 2013 :: posted by Ray Zahab

i2P Expedition Utah Site Relive the Journey!

» Visit: i2PUtah.com

From May 12-19, 2013, impossible2Possible (i2P) is hosting an expedition to the state of Utah, which will combine a team of world-class adventurers with Youth Ambassadors. They will run upwards of a marathon per day, joining educators and scientists to study "Earth Science and the Rise of Dinosaurs"! Live video conferencing, live website will bring the expedition into classrooms, and classrooms onto the expedition from around the world! Here is the 2013 Youth Team heading to Utah!. impossible2Possible is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring, educating, and empowering young people to make a positive impact on the global community.

Sunday May 12 2013 :: posted by Ray Zahab

Expedition Africa 2012: Details & Registration

Youth Ambassadors Selected!

Introducing the Youth Ambassadors for Expedition Africa2012! Welcome to the i2P team Breanna, Gillian, Hannah, Holly, Hope, Marie, Nansen and Saskia!

Expedition Details

In the fall of 2012, impossible2Possible (i2P) is going back to the incredible continent of Africa! On this next adventure i2P will lead 8 Youth Ambassadors (aged 17-21) on the journey of their lives as they run across some of the most beautiful regions in the Republic of Botswana - a country of 2 million people that is located just north of South Africa. The i2P Youth Ambassadors will relay information back to thousands of students in classrooms around the world as they study water, share the experience of running ultra marathons day after day, and learn what it takes to execute an international expedition.

Download the PDF for more details: Expedition Details

School Registration

Register your school at: http://i2p.force.com/AfricaSchoolRegistration

"i2P provided a real-world connection to our curriculum learning that as a teacher you are always striving to create. We were able to apply what we were learning to the real world as we learned about it! Being part of the i2P community was enormously motivational and demonstrated to me and my class that anything is possible with determination!" - Shelley Stedman, MacLachlan College, Oakville, ON
Friday June 28 2012 :: posted by Ray Zahab

Expreso de los Andes 2012: What an Adventure!

i2P Expreso de los Andes Expedition featured a 3-tier challenge with a purpose of educating, inspiring and empowering administrators, teachers and students to take on a Health & Physical Activity Challenge. Ray Zahab and Kevin Vallely attempted to run approx 1,700km across the South American continent from Concon, Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Joining them in the final non-stop stretch was to be two i2P Youth Ambassadors from previous Youth Expeditions! Simultaneously, school Principal George Singfield committed to training for upcoming challenges of his own - the Ottawa Half Marathon and a 50km trail running event in fall 2012! 'Principal George' has already enthused and inspired many teachers to follow in his footsteps and prepare for challenges of their own...will you? Many unforseen challenges faced the runners in this expedition, check out the website AndesRun.com to learn more!

Wednesday June 20 2012 :: posted by Ray Zahab

2011 i2P Expedition India: Expedition Completed!

i2P Youth Ambassadors Emma Cook-Clarke, Jessica Kenny, Harshveer Singh Saluja, and Patrick Doughty travelled to India and embarked on their epic expedition across the Thar Desert, running 270km in 7 days, connecting with classrooms around the globe and learning about a captivating curriculum on World Health!

Check out the website here: india2011.com

Tuesday December 17 2011 :: posted by Ray Zahab

Death Valley in the Summer!

Starting August 26th, 2011, Ray joined friend Will Laughlin to run the length of Death Valley- from north park boundary to south park boundary. The distance was close to 250km, and the duo relied on water re-supply every 10-25km during the entirely off-road run.

Ray tested gear, new technologies and foods he will use in upcoming expeditions- most importantly for a January attempt to run 2,000km across Saudi Arabia (back-up plan Kalahari). During the run, the duo carried emergency supplies, food and fluid required for each 10-25km section. Running packs were heavy with 7-8 liters of fluid required for each leg.

Visit: RunDeathValley.com

Monday September 6 2011 :: posted by Ray Zahab

Bolivia and Beyond!

i2P Expedition Bolivia

In May 2011 impossible2Possible visited the mountain nation of Bolivia, to run across the world's largest salt flats and celebrate the International Year of Chemistry. Five Youth Ambassadors were selected to join Ray Zahab, and fellow i2P adventurers in a running expedition across the salt flats. Youth Ambassadors ran 201 km, and communicated live with students all over the world. Dr. George Agnes and Dr. Greg Wells conducted live experiments that rounded out i2P's finest Experiential Learning Program to date! Want to see more? bolivia2011.com

Adventures in Death Valley

This August I will be joining my friend Will Laughlin in Death Valley for an interesting training run. In preperation for my upcoming January 2012 proposed 2000km run across Saudi Arabia, I will join Will as we attempt to run 300km off-road across Death Valley. More info soon!

Monday June 27 2011 :: posted by Ray Zahab

Atacama Extreme Expedition Completed!

On February 12th 2011, I completed the Atacama Extreme Expedition! The expedition began near the Peruvian border, north of Arica, and ended in the Province of Copiapo approximately 1,200km later. The expedition took a total of 20 days to complete and I ran an average of 60km per day while carrying camping supplies and relied on minimal daily water/food re-supplies. During the expedition, I communicated via videoconferencing to students everywhere!

This expedition followed the Amazon Youth Expedition which took place in October 2010. The topic of biodiversity was once again visited and the contrast of the Atacama Desert to the Amazon Jungle was highlighted. Daily video journals touched on topics such as history, industry, life and desert environment.

Atacama Extreme kicks off 2011 with two Youth based expeditions to follow. Students and schools don't delay registering for Expedition Bolivia! See impossible2Possible.com for instructions.

Visit AtacamaExtreme.com to experience the run!

Wednesday February 15 2011 :: posted by Ray Zahab

2010 i2P Expedition Amazon: Completed!

The third stage of the i2P World Expedition Series was modeled on the same platform as the highly celebrated 2009 Baffin Island and 2010 Tunisia Youth Expeditions, with all three in dramatically contrasting locales � the Arctic, the Sahara Desert, and now the Amazon Jungle! In October 2010, four i2P Youth Ambassadors joined Ray Zahab, along with fellow i2P ambassadors and adventurers, in an incredible journey through the Tapajos National Forest. Youth ambassadors trekked for 8 days - and nearly 150km � through incredibly dense jungle, swamps and oppressive humidity in a quest to study and learn about the culture and biodiversity of the region. They shared their experience with thousands of students around the globe.

Visit Jungle2010.com to experience the trek!

Sunday November 28 2010 :: posted by Ray Zahab

2010 i2P Expedition Amazon: Youth Ambassadors Selected!

Following in the footsteps of successful expeditions to Baffin Island and the Sahara Desert, four Youth Ambassadors will be joining me on an i2P expedition team as they trek through the Amazon Basin in October 2010. Using internet technology I, and the i2P team, will communicate live from the Amazon to participating students and teachers around the world. Complementing this live communication will be a rich i2P education resource complete with education modules, blogs, topical questions and class exercises. 2010 has been declared the International Year of Biodiversity. In order to highlight the year, i2P has designed an expedition to focus on Biodiversity and the importance of the many millions of distinct life forms found on Earth today.

The i2P Youth Ambassadors for the upcoming Amazon Expedition have been selected!

  • Sierra Smith - Bosque Farms, New Mexico
  • Isaiah Gilson - Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
  • Jessie Lilly - Edson, Alberta
  • Bridget Beury - Amherst, Ohio

For more information about the expedition, check out impossible2possible.com

Monday August 16 2010 :: posted by Ray Zahab

i2P Running Tunisia 2010 - Relive the Journey

This second stage of the i2P World Expedition Series was on the same platform as the 2009 Baffin Island Youth Expedition, but in a dramatically contrasting locale - the northern Sahara Desert in Tunisia. On the heels of the Siberian Express for Water Expedition, in April 2010, four Youth Ambassadors were selected to join me, along with fellow i2P ambassadors and adventurers, in this homage to 'Running the Sahara'. Youth ambassadors ran for 7 days - and a total of 260+ kms - through searing heat, salt pans and sand dunes in a quest to cross a section of the Sahara, while pushing their own physical and mental limitations. Over 8,500 students followed their journey and participated in a live interactive website that was a two-way street of communication, and participated in fundraising efforts for 2 water projects in Africa.

Visit: RunningTunisia.com !

Monday May 3 2010 :: posted by Ray Zahab

i2P 2010 Siberian Express for Water - Relive the Journey

I teamed up with i2P Ambassador Kevin Vallely for another epic impossible2Possible expedition. We travelled to the far reaches of frozen Siberia and the remote shores of Lake Baikal, the oldest, deepest lake in the world, to run some 650km unsupported down the length of its frozen surface. We averaged approximately 50km per day on this grueling expedition, while hauling all of our food and supplies. Over 8,500 students took part in both the Experiential Learning program and fundraising initiative for water projects in Africa.

Visit: Siberian Express Website SiberianX.com

Monday March 22 2010 :: posted by Ray Zahab

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